Presented By: Stephen J. Chu, DMD, MSD, CDT

Immediate tooth replacement therapy has become a mainstream treatment modality for single and multiple tooth implants in the esthetic zone. However, a balance exists in the amount of primary stability afforded in extraction sockets and gap distance from the labial plate for graft material and new bone formation.

An inventive macro design concept based upon biologic principles that combines hybrid strategies in implant diameter, shape, and thread pattern will be introduced. The inverted body-shift design concept will be supported by pre-clinical [animal histology] and clinical [human] studies that scientifically supports, validates, and reinforces the biologic principles in design that ultimately enhances aesthetic outcomes in modern day implantology.

Learning Objectives:
[1] Understand the inverted body-shift concept in macro implant design and it’s advantages in immediate tooth replacement therapy
[2] Understand the biology behind circumferential bone volume for long term maintenance to prevent ridge collapse, recession, and papillae loss.