Dental Implant Connections

Southern Implants has been a pioneer in the top-end specialist sector of the dental implant market since 1987, creating multiple connections for the maxillofacial and craniofacial surgeons, prosthodontists, periodontists and general dental practitioners alike.

PROVATA Implants

PROVATA® Implants

The PROVATA dental implant system offers practitioners an elegantly simple yet state-of-the-art implant, featuring the popular internal hex connection system, for treatment of the full range of clinical indications.
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External Hex Connection Implants

External Hex Implants

The External Hex interface is the most established connection system on the market, and the preferred choice for many training institutions and top-end users. Many clinicians worldwide continue to prefer the External Hex for its ease of use, widespread availability, long history of clinical success, and from mere personal preference.

It is also known to be more “forgiving” in situations of impassive fit or implant divergence. Southern Implants has therefore continued to refine its External Hex range, to provide its loyal supporters with exceptional reliability alongside proven modern features.
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Deep Conical Implants

Deep Conical (DC) Implants

The Deep Conical (DC) dental implant system offers practitioners a dental implant with state-of-the-art design and featuring the proven internal cone connection system, for treatment of the full range of clinical indications.
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TRI-NEX® Implants

TRI-NEX® Implants

With its internal Tri-Lobe and Hexagon design, Southern’s TRI-NEX Dental Implants are uniquely designed to protect Tri-Lobe integrity, for predictability during implant placement, and prosthetic fit. This unique implant also incorporates a beveled edge at the platform creating forced prosthetic platform switching which studies have shown may prevent bone loss around the coronal portion of the implant.
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IT Implants

IT Dental Implants

The Southern Implants IT implant range, has an internal connection system, with an interface that has been proven by both Swiss and American manufacturers. The implant abutment interface consists of an external 45 degree bevel top, an internal octagon for anti-rotation and an 8 degree internal taper. Southern Implants manufactures these implants in both a cylindrical and tapered version, with the same surface treatment that is used with all our other implants.

Apart from providing a greater range of prosthetic options, we are very pleased to now be able to offer the MAXIT and the ITST12d Co-Axis™ implants.
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MSC Piccolo Implants

MSc Implants

Machined Surface Coronal (MSc) Dental Implants

The Machined Surface Coronal (MSc) dental implant surface treatment offers practitioners an innovative way to take advantage of the best characteristics of both smooth and moderately rough implant surfaces. A machined coronal region of specific surface roughness provides resistance against plaque and biofilm accumulation, and enhances the efficacy of preventive maintenance measures, thereby decreasing the risk of peri-implantitis. Meanwhile, the complementary moderately rough portion assures the superior osseointegration of modern surfaces. This hybrid surface design enables more predictable treatment of patients suffering from progressive bone loss.
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Who We Are

Southern Implants was established in 1987 to develop, manufacture and distribute dental implants. Southern Implants has been a pioneer in this field over the last two decades and has contributed extensively to ongoing enhancements with respect to the osseointergration of implant devices, surgical techniques, patient education and options for treatment.



What We Create

Our company is focused on the top-end specialist sector of the implant market. Our product range is continually being expanded to incorporate the newest technologies and trends. Where many of our competitors are rationalizing their product range, Southern is offering more choices.

Southern are made from ASTM-F67-95 Grade 4 pure titanium, with a tensile strength of 550 MPa. This surface is enhanced with abrasion and chemical conditioning. The surface has been proven by way of extensive animal and clinical trials and has been in use for more than 16 years… Read More.