Prosthetics – Digital – Scan Flags

A scan flag attaches to the implant before scanning providing the exact position of the implant in the software.

A scanner is used to create a digital representation of an object.

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Prosthetics – Digital – Scan Flags

Intended Use

Southern Implants’ Scan flags are intended to be used during the digital impression procedure, in order to obtain the exact position and orientation of the respective dental implant or laboratory analogue, and transfer this position digitally during CAD/CAM scanning procedures. This aids the CAD/CAM software to align the CAD/CAM components to the implant in a digital format.


The Scan flags are pre-manufactured and are available in different connection types. The Scan flags are made from Titanium and is supplied with a screw to secure the Scan flag onto the dental implant or analogue.

External Hex

SFT-EX-30Order Number SFT-EX-30
to be used with Ø3.0mm External Hex Implant (Piccolo)

Order Number SFT-EX-34
to be used with Ø3.25mm External Hex Implant (IBN / IBNT)

Order Number SFT-EX-40
to be used with Ø External Hex Implant (IB / IBT) & MAX-6

Order Number SFT-EX-50
to be used with Ø External Hex Implant & MAX-7

Order Number SFT-EX-60
to be used with Ø External Hex Implant & MAX-8

Order Number
(1.22 / 1.27 Universal)


SF-EL-35Order Number SF-EL-35
to be used with Ø3.5mm TRI-NEX Implant

SF-EL-43Order Number SF-EL-43
to be used with Ø4.3mm TRI-NEX Implant

SF-EL-50Order Number SF-EL-50
to be used with Ø5mm TRI-NEX Implant & TRI-MAX®-7

SF-EL-60Order Number SF-EL-60
to be used with Ø65mm TRI-NEX Implant & TRI-MAX®-8 & 9

Order Number

DC Range

SF-DC3Order Number SF-DC3
to be used with Ø3mm Deep Conical Implant

SF-DC4Order Number SF-DC4
to be used with Ø3.5mm & Ø4mm Deep Conical Implant

SF-DC5Order Number SF-DC5
to be used with Ø5mm Deep Conical Implant

Order Number
(1.22 hex)

Internal Hex Range (M-Series & PROVATA™)

SF-MOrder Number SF-M
to be used with
Ø3.7mm / Ø4.2mm / Ø5mm Internal Hex Implants (M-series)
Ø4mm / Ø5mm PROVATA Implants
Ø6mm PROMAX® Implants

SF-ZOrder Number SF-Z
to be used with
Ø7mm / Ø8mm / Ø9mm PROMAX® Implants

Order Number
(1.27 hex)

IT (Internal Octagon) Range

SF-ITOrder Number SF-IT
to be used with
Ø4.8mm IT Implants & MAXIT7

SF-IT6Order Number SF-IT6
to be used with
Ø6.5mm IT Implants & MAXIT8 & 9

Order Number

Abutment Level (Compact Conical Abutment)

SF-MC-48Order Number SF-MC-48
to be used with
Ø4.8mm Platform Compact Conical Abutments

SF-MC-60Order Number SF-MC-60
to be used with
Ø6mm Platform Compact Conical Abutments

Order Number
(1.22 hex)

Procedure For Use

The Scan flag can be scanned directly on the implant with an intraoral scanner or indirectly on a model. Scan flags are used with digital libraries available for 3Shape, Exocad, and/or Dental Wings. A Scan flag is attached to the implant or analogue before scanning to provide the exact orientation of the dental implant in the software.

Scan Flags
  • The scan flag can be attached to an endosseous implant, and scanned with an intraoral scanner.
Scan Flags
  • The scan flag can be attached to a compact conical abutment intraorally, and scanned with an intraoral scanner.
Scan Flags
  • The scan flag can be attached to a laboratory analogue (direct to implant or abutment level), and scanned with a desktop scanner.

Downloadable Documents

For further detailed information about Southern Implants, please see the documents made available for your reference.

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Southern Implants Product Brochure
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