The Universal Guided Surgery Tool


For Southern Implants

SIREAL is by virtual prosthesis and on-screen design of surgical guides, allowing prosthetically driven implant placements.

The Concept

The universal guided surgery tool, I-DE-GS4, from Southern Implants is the solution to the SIREAL Guided surgery system. This tool allows clinicians to utilise their standard Southern Implants drill kit, and convert the drills into guided surgery drills. This unique system extends to other tools used in the surgery.

Solution Description

A surgical guide transfers pre-operative, software planned dental implant placement to the patient intraoperatively. There are three types of surgical guides: Bone supported, Mucosa supported, and Tooth-supported. All surgical guides are patient specific. The surgical guide consists of a 3D printed/milled acrylic guide and metal guide sleeves.

There are three guided surgery options available:

  • Pilot drill guided
  • Partially guided
  • Fully guided

Surgical Guide Types

The surgical guide type selection, depends on the dental professional’s preference, patient anatomy, and the available planning software.

Surgical Guide Fixation

To stabilise the surgical guide, Southern Implants fixation pins are available. D-12T-M15 drill is used to drill through the fixation pin sleeve while guide is in situ. After drilling, insert the pin. Recommended to use 3 pins for full arch guide. If a tooth supported guide requires additional stability, a minimum of 2 pins should be used.

Downloadable Documents

For further detailed information about SIREAL, please see the documents made available for your reference.

SIREAL Guided Surgery - Product Catalogue
SIREAL Guided Surgery - Product Brochure
Pilot Drill Guided Surgery - Product Catalogue
Southern Implants Product Brochure
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Dental implants are an indispensable part of dental treatment options. With the globalization of medical infrastructures and higher standards of living , implant applications continue to increase…

Complete Drill Length:
Implant Length:

Offset sleeve Offset Total Drill Length

I-GSSO4/5-9 (9mm):

I-GSSO4/5-10.5 (10.5mm):

I-GSSO4/5-12 (12mm):

I-GSSO4/5-14 (14mm):

Complete Drill Length:
Surgical Guide Offset:

Offset Sleeve Drill Depth Total Drill Length

I-GSSO4/5-9 (9mm):

I-GSSO4/5-10.5 (10.5mm):

I-GSSO4/5-12 (12mm):

I-GSSO4/5-14 (14mm):