Passive Abutment

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Passive Abutment
Passive Abutment
Passive Abutment

The Passive Abutment allows a predictable passive fit of superstructures in a repeatable way for both milled and cast restorations.

This is accomplished by luting a pre-machined titanium interface into the finished prosthesis, using the laboratory master model.

The Passive Abutment concept allows one to achieve a predictable passive fit of cast structures in a practical and repeatable way and thus eliminates the need for complex and intensive procedures usually undertaken to improve the fit of casting e.g. sectioning and soldering of frameworks.

Passive fit is achieved by luting a pre-machined titanium interface component into the finished prosthesis, using the laboratory master model as the blueprint fit. No additional clinical steps are required.

Passive xray

  • Machined titanium interface with implant (<2µm microcap).
  • Passive fit.
  • Available in all interfaces.
  • Small Titanium base allowing for better aesthetics.

Downloadable Documents

For further detailed information about the Passive Abutment, please see the documents made available for your reference.

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