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Clinical Innovations to Drive Practice Growth

Today, predictable and accelerated implant treatment is more important than ever

before. Recent research reveals that adapting the clinical practice with Innovative Treatment Solutions provide significant benefits. These benefits positively impact your patient’s satisfaction with treatment, as well as growing the number of implant procedures for surgical and restorative practices. The following innovations have

led to real-world benefits for clincians and their patients.

Patient Specific Treatment
Site-specific implant designs allow for placing specific implants for specific clinical situations, as well as utilizing the patients existing bone.

Southern’s Site-Specific Implants aim to provide a solution for various indications such as:

  • Wide or narrow implant variations for specific sites (MAX)
  • Long or short implant variations for site-specific indications
  • Angled implants (Co-Axis®) for optimum prosthetic platform angulation
  • Inverted body implants (INVERTA®) for immediate placement and a coronal chamber for bone growth
  • Machine Surface Coronally (MSc) to minimize risk of peri-implantitis

Improved Practice Effectiveness and Efficiencies
Improved implant designs that achieve high insertion torque values allow for accelerated treatment by way of extraction and immediate implant placement.

Increase in Screw Retained (versus cement retained) Restorations
Using innovations in implant restorative components increase the use of screw retained restorations, resulting in decreases in implant prosthetic complications and periimplantitis/peri-implant mucositis.*

Increased Implant Acceptance
By decreasing total treatment times without sacrificing implant success/survival patients are more likely to accept implant therapy.


* Staubli N, Walter C, Schmidt JC, Weiger R, Zitzmann NU. Excess cement and the risk of peri-implant disease – a systematic review. Clin Oral Implants Res. 2017;28(10):1278-

A Southern Edge Case Study

Increasing Efficiency in Implant Dentistry

A recent peer reviewed article published in Dental Economics entitled Improved efficiencies in implant dentistry: Use of patient-specific accelerated therapy to drive practice growth, highlighted how using a team approach and site-specific implants notably increased practice efficiencies. The authors, an oral surgeon and prosthodontic team, presented an analysis of implant cases throughout a 4-year period after incorporating site-specific implants into their treatment plans.

The results of this analysis were remarkable. Below are excerpts from the conclusion of the article.

“Site-specific implants, together with the appropriate protocols and team approach that the authors have adopted, have generated significant benefits…”

More patients treated more definitively using faster protocols have allowed the authors to flourish even though the number of clinics offering less expensive dental implants continues to increase in areas adjacent to their practices.”

“The authors correlated the increased acceptance rates with several factors, including consistent, well-manufactured, precise implant and restorative components; multiple implant choices that fit a multitude of clinical situations; decreased treatment times; and a dedicated manufacturing/sales/administrative team”.

Read the article here: (link to attached PDF: 2104DECmor_reprint_LCKD)

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