SI PlanIt Disclaimer

Terms and conditions around cancelled orders:

1. Cancellation by Southern Implants. During the entire ordering process, including after acceptance of the Order by the Customer and Southern Implants, Southern Implants may, at their sole discretion, not accept or cancel an Order for technical or any other reasons, including but not limited to the technical unfeasibility to print the guide requested, the DICOM files being in violation of the Terms and Conditions or any applicable law or regulations, or due to the non-payment of the total amount of the Order by the Customer.

2. Cancellation by Customer. Due to the personalized feature of the print services performed by Southern Implants, the Customer is viable for 50% penalty fee of the total payable amount should the customer wish to cancel the order.

Notice regarding serious incidents

Any serious incident that has occurred in relation with the device must be reported to the manufacturer of the device and the competent authority in the member state in which the user and/or patient is established. The contact information for the manufacturer of this device to report a serious incident is as follows:

Privacy and content declaration

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Disclaimer of liability

This product is part of the Southern Implants product range and should only be used with the associated original products and according to the recommendations as in the individual product catalogues. The user of this product has to study the development of the Southern Implants product range and take full responsibility for the correct indications and use of this product. Southern Implants does not assume liability for damage due to incorrect use. Please note that some Southern Implants products may not be cleared or released for sale in all markets.

For more information on Southern Implants Instructions for Use documentation and guidelines, please visit