Watson.G.K., Payne, A.G.T., Purton, D.G., Thomson W.M. Mandibular overdentures: Comparative evaluation of prosthodontic maintenance of three different implant systems during the first year of service Int J Prosthodon 2002; 15: 259-266.


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the professional time required for the prosthodontic maintenance events of mandibular implant overdentures during the first year of service using three different implant systems (ITI, Steri-Oss, or Southern).

Materials and Methods

Seventy-two mandibular implant overdenture patients were allocated to three equal groups, each treated with a different implant system. Data on prosthodontic maintenance events during the first year were categorized and analyzed according to professional time allocation per procedure.


Sixty-eight percent of the patients, regardless of implant system, required prosthodontic maintenance in the first year, most commonly for the matrices. The Southern Implants matrices required less maintenance than those of Steri-Oss or ITI (P < .05). Additional overdenture maintenance was required by 28% of patients, irrespective of implant system. When all categories of prosthodontic maintenance were combined, there were no differences between implant groups. Evaluation of overall prosthodontic success using six-field tables revealed statistically significant differences between the three implant systems, with more ITI and Steri-Oss patients than Southern Implants patients requiring overdenture retreatment (repair).


During the first year of service, the matrix maintenance requirements of Southern Implants were significantly lower than those of the ITI or Steri-Oss groups; this was reflected in the number of retreatment (repair) categories recorded. Although the three systems did not differ significantly for overall prosthodontic maintenance, both the Steri-Oss and the ITI titanium matrices showed problems of clinical significance.

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