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About Southern Implants IFU Portal

This IFU site provides current Instructions for Use (IFU’s) for Southern Implants products and access to earlier (Archived versions that is no longer valid) through the IFU Archive section.

You can find the IFU’s by entering into the search field the key word, for example, Implants, Abutments, Drills, and Instruments, or the IFU number (if known). The search result will display the matching IFU or IFU’s relating to the product being used. This can be view as a PDF file and print.

Alternatively use the filters to search, by selecting the Product category followed by Sub-Product category to narrow your search.

IFU’s are available in several languages. The IFU’s are packaged as one document with all languages included in one document, scroll down the document to the desired language.

The languages available are: (Translations in progress)

English INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Southern Implants®
Español INSTRUCCIONES DE USO: Southern Implants®
Italiano ISTRUZIONI PER L’USO: Southern Implants®
Français MODE D’EMPLOI : Southern Implants®
Deutsch GEBRAUCHSANWEISUNG: Southern Implants®
Português INSTRUÇÕES DE UTILIZAÇÃO: Southern Implants®

Please choose your preferred language by clicking on the Language dropdown tab. In the top left corner Of Southern Implants IFU Portal to enter the IFU portal in the language of choice.

To download and read the IFUs you need to have installed a PDF reading software on your computer. You can use the following link to download the program needed.

Please be aware that no communication will be sent when an IFU gets replaced with a new version. Therefore, we strongly suggest not to store any IFU’s locally and to always consult this portal for the latest versions of our IFUs.

Archived IFUs show a watermark with the message “ARCHIVED.” A warning will be displayed as soon as you enter the archived versions.

This portal may provide IFUs from third parties and/or links or references to other websites over which Southern Implants has no control. Southern Implants has no responsibility for the content of these IFUs and other sites and shall not be liable for any damages or injury arising from that content. Any third party IFU and links to other sites are provided simply for the convenience of the portal users.

In order to get a free printed copy of an IFU, or in case of any comments or questions about this portal, please contact your local customer service representative.