Tawse-Smith, A., Payne, A.G.T., Kumara, R., Thomson, W.M. Early loading of unsplinted implants supporting mandibular overdentures using a one-stage operative procedure with two different implant systems: A 2-year report. Clin Implant Dent Relat Res 2002; 4: 33-42.


This article is a 2 year follow-up on the article below. Step-wise reduction in loading protocols is necessary to evaluate early loading of implants with mandibular overdentures.


To compare the success rates of two different dental implant systems following conventional or early loading protocols in patients being rehabilitated with mandibular overdentures.

Materials and Methods

There was no statistically significant difference in the success rates of the two systems in either control or test groups. At the 2-year evaluation, a success rate was found of 87.5% and 70.8% for the control and test Steri-Oss groups, respectively, and 83.3% and 100% for the control and test Southern Implants groups were observed. For the Steri-Oss groups, eight implants were lost at an early stage: seven in the test group and one in the control group. For the Southern Implants control and test groups, no failures were seen at any time interval. There were no significant differences in marginal bone loss, Periotest values, and peri-implant parameters between implant systems or between any of the control or test groups.


A success rate of 95.8% for the Steri-Oss and 100% for the Southern Implants was found, without any statistically significant differences in the marginal bone loss. Significant changes in Periotest values were observed for both types between 12 and 52 weeks (p < .001). Minor changes were observed in the peri-implant parameters evaluated.


Early loading, with step-wise reductions in loading protocols, of unsplinted machined Steri-Oss and roughened Southern Implants fixtures with mandibular overdentures is possible for up to 2 years.

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