Vandeweghe S, De Ferrerre R, Tschakaloff A, De Bruyn H. A wide-body implant as an alternative for sinus lift of bone grafting. Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 2011.


The aim was to evaluate the outcome of a short wide-body implant in the atrophic posterior jaw without a grafting procedure.

Materials and Methods

Patients treated with a tapered wide-body implant measuring 8 to 9 mm in width and 7 to 9 mm in length (Max implant; Southern Implants, Irene, South Africa) were recalled to scrutinize implant survival. Preoperative cone beam computed tomography images were analyzed to measure bone height in reference to the mandibular canal and sinus floor.


There were 57 implants inserted in 18 men and 24 women after a 2-stage procedure and delayed loading. The mean follow-up was 15 months (SD, 10; range, 1-32 months), with 63.2% of the implants having at least 1 year of follow-up and 26.3% having at least 2 years’ follow-up. Forty-six implants were inserted in the posterior maxilla and eleven in the mandible. Fifteen were placed in an extraction socket and forty-two in healed bone. Thirteen implants were supporting a single crown. Two implants failed, resulting in a survival rate of 96.5%, with rates of 90.9% and 97.8% for mandible and maxilla, respectively. This was not affected by gender, jaw, immediate or delayed placement, implant diameter and length, or the use of a bone substitute. The mean preoperative bone height was 7.21 mm in maxilla and 8.76 mm in mandible. In 41 cases implant length surpassed available bone height.


Despite the compromised bone condition and height, the survival rate of 96.5% is comparable to normal implants and, therefore, placing a wide-body implant may be an alternative to avoid grafting procedures. This is probably related to the enlarged implant surface area and the good primary stability.

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