Presented By: Safa Tahmasebi, DDS, MS

Advancements in implant dentistry have led to important prosthetically driven treatment planning considerations. The restorative dentist should be aware of these advancements when evaluating their patient population for possible implant therapy.

Three important objectives critical to every implant restoration today are:

  1. Able to be done consistently with a screw retained approach to avoid potentially harmful cement.
  2. Able to be done with a predictable and passive fit in order to save time, effort, and avoid load driven complications.
  3. Able to be done preserving as much of the soft and tissue around the implant to achieve more favorable long-term results.

This webinar education program reviews both implant and abutment innovations that have been introduced to achieve these objectives consistently. In addition, key factors for success of full arch Implant reconstruction from Implant placement to full arch implant abutment selection is discussed. The resulting outcome is a larger and more predictable implant population for the private practice.