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Co-axis Implant: A Simplified Solution to Avoid Sinus Augmentation

AUTHORS: Christiaens, Veronique; Thevissen, Eric; Vandeweghe, Stefan; De Bruyn, Hugo

Introduction: During posterior implant placement in the maxilla, the presence of the maxillary sinus often forces the surgeon to use shorter implants or to delay implant loading because of a sinus augmentation. The co-axis implant (Southern implants, Irene, South-Africa) is an unique implant design that incorporates an angle correction in the implant platform, allowing placement in an angulation following the prosthetically dictated direction and allowing screw retained anchorage of the prosthesis directly on implant level. Additionally it allows placement in available bone anterior or posterior of the maxillary sinus (Kurtzman et al. 2015). The following case report demonstrates its applicability.

A 53 year old female presented with a functional complaint of reduced masticatory comfort. Based on a history of recurrent sinus problems, her otolaryngologist gave a negative advise for sinus augmentation.

Co-axis implants with an 12 degree angle were placed parallel to the anterior wall of the maxillary sinus on the premolars positions. After 3 months, 2 screw retained crowns were placed without need for additional abutment components or without aesthetic compromises. The angle correction is incorporated in the platform allowed angled placement of the implant with proper position of the prosthetic axis which simplify the restorative phase and eliminate the need for multi-abutments or custom abutments.

The use of an angled implant to bypass the need of a sinus augmentation has been shown to decrease the barriers to undergo implant treatment and is preferred by patients over extensive grafting procedures. It is a costbeneficial and time-reducing solution.

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