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A Case of Immediate Loading Using Co-Axis Dental Implants: One, Four and Six-Year Radiologiocal Follow- Up of Crestal Bone Levels.

AUTHORS: Botha, Paul J.

Introduction: The body of scientific evidence has shown us that the immediate loading of dental implants is a predictable procedure when certain protocols are adhered to. The concept of immediate loading make treatment time shorter and enables fiexed interim prostheses during osseointegration in place of removable prostheses.The use of Co-Axis implants with the built in prosthetic platform angle of 12, 24 or 26 degrees ensures screw retained prostheses
in almost all cases, reduces buccal bone grafting to a minimum and reduces the need for sinus grafting as well.

Two months after teeth removal 6 Co-Axis dental implants were placed in the upper arch for this patient and immediately loaded after 24 hours. Four Tri-Lobe 4mm diameter 12 degree Co-Axis implants were placed in areas 6,8,9 and 11. The 12 degree tilted prosthetic platform allowed for the placement angle to follow the residual ridge and no buccal bone grafting was required. The two 5mm diameter 24 degree Co Axis implants were placed in areas 4 and 13 angled under the maxiallry sinuses so as to avoid any sinus grafting procedures.

The crestal bone levels at one, four and six months reveal the stability of the bone levels 6 years after the initial immediate load.

The Co-Axis dental implant prosthetic platform of 12, 24 and 36 degrees allows cases to be completed with almost guaranteed screw retained prostheses along with minimal buccal bone augmentation and sinus grafting procedures. This is attractive to both clinicians and patients who would like to shorten treatment times, delivering more affordable dental implant implant treatments with less morbidity because of the reduction in buccal and sinus bone


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