With the Deep Conical implant and prosthetic range, Southern Implants offers clinicians a tried and tested connection interface, alongside state-of-the-art implant features from leading-edge clinical research.

A Proven Connection

The Southern Implants Deep Conical (DC) range incorporates an 11° internal cone, which is one of the most familiar and well proven connection system in use today. This connection has been reported to offer the tightest bacterial seal of all connection types, and is further enhanced by the Southern Implants machining and inspection processes, which guarantees a microgap of <2μm. The conical connection provides superior implant-abutment connection rigidity, which actually increases with axial load.

After extensive experimentation, the 11° angle was found to be the optimal compromise between lateral stability and vertical seating height variance, which is a common problem associated with steeper angle conical connections.

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