Presented By: Stefano Gracis, DMD, MSD

Wednesday, June 3, 2020 – 12:00 – 1:00pm EST / 6pm Italy Time

When clinicians embark on the “digital path” they often experience dilemmas and frustrations with products and protocols they aren’t familiar with. This results in more time and sub optimal outcomes.

In this educational webinar Dr. Gracis will share the experiences, frustrations and protocols he faced while navigating the digital workflow process. His candid review is aimed to assist clinicians and the industry in developing ideal strategies and protocols to obtaining optimal results with less effort.

The viewer can anticipate understanding Dr. Gracis experiences with the following elements of the digital workflow:

  • Difficulty in selecting the Scan Abutment to take the intraoral scan that has to be sent to the laboratory for the manufacturing of an implant-supported crown or bridge
  • Review the differences in Scan Abutments on the market today
  • Efficacy of Scan Abutments for different prosthetic outcomes, such as single tooth and fully edentulous
  • The necessity for models in the digital workflow and if these assist in producing good results

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