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Mr. Guy McLellan, BDS FDS RCS (Eng) MBBS
Mr. Guy McLellan,
Dr. Riz Syed, BDS
Dr. Riz Syed, BDS

Learn how to treat and immediately load the vast majority of severely resorbed maxilla cases WITHOUT the need for Zygomatic implants, using site-specific advanced implants.

With the advent of Nazalus implants, pterygoid implants, angled implants and short implants, the options available for clinicians to predictably and safely treat and immediately load severely resorbed maxilla cases, has increased significantly.

Simultaneously, the indications for Zygomatic implants has significantly decreased.

Who is this course ideal for:
Clinicians seeking to learn to provide immediate load full arch treatments in their clinics, including for the majority of atrophic maxilla cases.
Experienced implant clinicians who are already comfortably and predictably doing sinus work and who seek to enhance their skillsets and treatment options for atrophic maxilla treatments.

Clinicians seeking to learn to provide implant treatments with the significant surgical and prosthodontic benefits gained by correcting angles sub-crestally, rather than with angle correcting abutments.

The hands-on workshop will cover treatment planning the edentulous or soon to be edentulous patient. It will also cover the surgical and restorative protocols needed to successfully treat your patients with the All-on-X concept, including Nasalus, co-axis and pterygoid implants.

An overview of Zygomatic implant treatments, including indications, surgical and restorative considerations, for the +- 5% of resorbed maxilla cases that may need them, when using advanced implants in normal practice.

The workshop will involve an in-depth hands on session, including:

CT scan based treatment planning
Restorative protocols including materials, impression and jaw registration techniques.
IFAL surgical techniques and protocols, on models.

Aims and objectives:
– Improve treatment planning of the extremely resorbed maxilla
– To increase the understanding of alternative techniques to restore the resorbed maxilla
– Improve knowledge of the surgical and restorative technique for the All-on X treatments, using site-specific implants

Heythrop Park Resort, Enstone

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