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A significant advantage of angulated implants is the ability to overcome the anatomical constraints of the craniofacial skeleton, typically to avoid breaching the maxillary sinus and mandibular neurovascular bundle as well as minor bony anatomical deficiencies. The use of angulated implants has reduced the need for bone grafting in all areas of the jaw as well as reducing treatment time and cost. The use of molar specific wide-bodied implants for immediate placement will be discussed.

Presented by:
Dr. Michael Michael, Prosthodontist, Private Practice.
Dr. Noland Naidoo, Prosthodontist, Private Practice.
Dr. Greg Boyes-Varley, Maxillo-Facial and Oral Surgeon, Private Practice.
Dr. Andrew Ackermann, Prosthodontist, Private Practice.

Who should attend: This course is offered for practitioners with some experience in implantology who are looking for further understanding and training in osseointegration and more advanced implantology with and without augmentation procedures.

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