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Learn to provide immediate molar implant treatments safely and predictably

A Masterclass with Dr. André Hattingh

The Challenge

  • Molar sockets are often too large and too complex to allow for predictable immediate placement using conventional implants and techniques.
  • Placement of conventional implants into one socket of a multi-rooted site may produce significant bio-mechanical and prosthetic compromises.
  • Delayed placement most often leads to significant bone loss and/or sinus pneumatisation, adding complexity, time, cost and risk to the treatment.
  • With delayed placement, patients intending to have implant treatments frequently become accustomed to the space and then don’t return for the treatment. This may cause other problems down the track.

The Opportunity

  • Learn to predictably and safely provide immediate molar treatments for your patients. A highly attractive option for patients to have the molar extracted and implant placed in the same procedure.
  • Grow your referral business by inviting colleagues to refer patients seeking an implant solution to have the extraction and implant placement done in one procedure.
  • A great way for clinicians seeking to learn to restore implants to start doing so, out of the aesthetic zone.

The Course

Masterclass presented by Dr. André Hattingh. André Hatting is a global authority on immediate molar treatments. A specialist periodontist, he has published widely and is in the final phase of a PhD on the subject. For the past 13 years he has treated hundreds of patients using these techniques and protocols, including outstanding long-term follow up of his own cases.

Detailed lectures and hands-on workshop

Cost: £525.00 + VAT

Registration includes lunch and refreshments

For more information, please email Liesl Muller

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