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Graham Blackbeard, Founder and Managing Director

Graham Blackbeard,
Founder and Managing Director

Message from Graham

Welcome to the first 2019 issue of “Southern Implants In Focus


This year has been exciting and productive so far, with continued breakthrough technologies allowing us to optimize dental implant treatment solutions. The ever-evolving implant industry delivered interesting trends, developments and insights.


From the treatment perspective, patients are applying pressure on clinicians for more efficient and less invasive treatment protocols. They want immediate aesthetic function with fewer appointments and minimal complications. This trend aligns well with our focus on treatment solutions and helping make the clinicians who provide these solutions heroes to their patients.

Another trend worth noting is that according to business analysts the dental implant segment is in a consolidation phase. There have been many changes in our industry over the last few years, mergers, acquisitions, buy-outs etc., some more successful than others. This is a good time for us to highlight why Southern is different. We are privately owned, a fact not entirely special, but an important differentiator is that we plan to remain this way. We have a long-term history (established 1987) of bringing innovative products to clinicians around the globe. We have in-house control for nearly every aspect of the manufacturing process. Our stringent Q300 quality process is unique, and the MSDAP audit we completed recently confirms this. 

The MDSAP (Medical Devices Single Audit Program) audit is a demanding multi day audit of design, testing, manufacturing, validating, and post market surveillance, measured against the requirements of all major Regulatory bodies around the world. The successful outcome is a direct reflection of our team‘s relentless pursuit of quality.

We are nimble and proactive in developing new innovative products and committed to clinical research in proving the efficacy of these technologies. All of these differentiators roll up to the company mission of commercializing Innovative Treatment Solutions for Optimal Patient Outcomes.

There is currently an increased interest in the use of Zygomatic implants in the treatment of the severely atrophic maxilla. This trend was highlighted in a recent very successful Zygomatic conference in London.

Clinical research is a top priority for Southern.

2018-2019 is proving to be a record-breaking year for published articles with Southern Products. In fact, in just the first three months of 2019 there were seven clinical articles published.

On the corporate front, we are very excited to continue our growth, continuously exploring opportunities to expand our ‘footprint’ into new markets. I am excited to share with this edition of the newsletter a renewed and refreshed focus on the Southern brand. Please take a moment to navigate through the refreshed, and corporate brochure.

Lastly, we’re excited to introduce our latest breakthrough innovation, the INVERTA™ Implant. This novel Implant features an innovative Body-Shift™ Design with and without the Subcrestal Angle Correction® feature. The chamber created by the inverted coronal segment enhances the ability to obtain predictable anterior aesthetics with screw-retained restorations. Learn more about the aesthetic and biologic characteristics of INVERTA.

>>> More information

Southern will attend several implant dentistry events this year. >>>Click here if you are planning to attend any conferences and congresses this year, the Southern team would love to meet with you!


Enjoy the issue and know we value your business, your collaboration, and your trust in us to provide you innovative treatment solutions.

Southern Implants Zygomatic implants - 20 years in the making

Southern Implants Zygomatic Implants – 20 years in the making

Zygomatic implant placement has been performed for the last 20 years or so, first for the rehabilitation of midfacial defects, and later, for restoration of the atrophic maxillary arch.

Increasingly, implants that were used mainly for oncology, congenital defects and traumatic ablation are being used to enable patients with severe maxillary atrophy to benefit from an implant-retained dental prosthesis, where before their maxillary anatomy would have precluded them from this treatment.

Southern Implants currently has four zygomatic implant offerings: the Zygomatic, Oncology, ZYGAN™, and ZYGEX™ implants.

The first Southern Implants zygomatics were introduced in 2007 and designed with the input of South African maxillofacial surgeon Dr Greg Boyes-Varley and prosthodontist Prof Dale Howes. The implants are still widely used, and feature threaded, surface-roughened bodies of lengths of 35-60mm and diameter Ø4.8mm.

At this time, the trans-sinus approach was most common, but clinicians frequently observed infections of the soft tissue caused by bacteria adhering to the exposed surfaces of the implant, especially in large defects.

The Oncology implant was developed to address this challenge and featured a machined-surface, unthreaded portion at the coronal end where the implant was most likely to protrude from bone. Not only does the Oncology design discourage bacterial adhesion, but cleaning is made easier due to the removal of the unnecessary coronal threads which make implantoplasty cumbersome.

This implant also became popular for the newer extra-sinus approach, which results in increased exposure of the implant to soft tissue.

Oncology implants are slightly shorter in length (27.5 – 47.5mm) and the machined coronal section has a diameter of 3.5mm.

Zygomatic implant protocols have continued to evolve in order to obtain predictable results in a larger variety of zygomatic anatomies and reduce surgical invasiveness. In 2017 the narrow-apex ZYGAN and ZYGEX were introduced:

6mm at the coronal end, the ZYGAN’s body width is Ø4.3mm, threaded and roughened. The apical remainder of the implant is narrower (Ø3.4mm), featuring an unthreaded, machined section in the middle and another threaded, roughened section for 15mm from the apex. This design effectively optimizes bone-to-implant contact in both the zygoma and alveolus while incorporating the benefit of the smooth machined section introduced in the Oncology implant. It is specifically designed for restoration of the severely atrophic maxillary arch with extra-maxillary placement. The discrepancy in coronal and apical diameters shortens the drilling sequence in the zygomatic bone and the alveolar site can be widened without having to repenetrate the zygoma.

The ZYGEX is the ZYGAN’s oncology counterpart, and lacks the coronal machined section, although the apex is still threaded. It has a constant diameter of Ø3.4mm and the smooth machined section extends all the way to the coronal end. Like the Oncology implant, it is indicated for restorations where the alveolar bone is missing, and the coronal portion of the implant is fully exposed. The narrow diameters of the ZYGAN and ZYGEX also allow for the implants to be placed in closer proximity and require less space in a quad zygomatic scenario.

The Southern Implants zygomatic armamentarium has been tailored over 20 years to cater to the widest range of patient anatomies and surgical approaches. All zygomatic implants have a 55° angled prosthetic platform, shown to be suited to the majority of prosthetic reconstructions, and an external hex connection. Feedback from clinicians and patients consistently contribute to ongoing development of this range, as protocols and scientific evidence progress.

Clinical Research – The core of product development

Clinical Research – The core of product development

INVERTA™ Implants

Evaluation of an Innovative Hybrid Macrogeometry Dental Implant in Immediate Extraction Sockets:
A Histomorphometric Pilot Study in Foxhound Dogs. >>> Click here to view.
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Prospective Multicenter Clinical Cohort Study of a Novel Macro Hybrid Implant in Maxillary Anterior Postextraction Sockets – 1-Year Results. >>> Click here to view.
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SInergy™ Surface

From Osseointegration to Predictable Long-Term Implant Stability: Clinicians’ Perspectives:
• A Brief Clinical History from Implantology to Osseointegration
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• Long-Term Results of Implants in Native and Regenerated Bone
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Co-Axis® Implants

The Use of Dual or Co-Axis Macro Designed Implants to Enhance Screw-Retained Restorations in the Esthetic Zone
Mieleszko A, Saito H, Chu SJ.
QDT 2019

Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic Implant Treatment: A New Minimally Invasive Technique with Piezoelectric Instrumentation
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J Oral Dent Health, 2018 Volume 2 | Issue 3 | 1 of 5

Event Focus

Not To Be Missed… INVERTA European launch at EAO Congress

This year the ISPRD (Boston) and EAO (Lisbon) meetings are the launch pad for its latest innovation, the INVERTA Implant. Immediate anterior implant procedures will never be the same again. INVERTA – a novel implant design we think you will agree is out of this world! Join us in learning more about the aesthetic and biologic results of the INVERTA Co-Axis® Implant.


Update on current research and presentation of a novel implant design for post extraction immediate loading with hard and soft tissue preservation.


Hugo De Bruyn, DDS, PhD, Netherlands
Pär-Olov Östman, DDS, PhD, Sweden


9:30 – 11:30
13:30 – 16:00
Please email for further information or to register your interest.

Italy Users Conference 13 April 2019

Italy Users Conference 13 April 2019

The inaugural Southern Implants Italy users conference was held on 13 April 2019 at the lovely Chervò Golf Hotel Spa & Resort San Vigilio.

The theme was Innovation at the service of a modern implantology, and key speakers included Drs. Stephen Chu, Costa Nicolopoulos and Petros Yuvanoglu, Pietro Ferraris and Giovanni Nicoli, Andrea Tedesco, Antonio Olivo, Leone Rigo and Marco Mozzati.

For Southern Implants users from Italy and visitors, it was an opportunity to learn from some of the most innovative clinicians from around the world.

Italy Users Conference 13 April 2019

Zygomatic2019 1st & 2nd March 2019
Zygomatic2019 1st & 2nd March 2019

Zygomatic2019 1st & 2nd March 2019

Southern Implants were delighted to be a Gold sponsor at the recent Zygomatic2019 Conference held in London under the chairmanship of Prof Chris Butterworth from the University of Liverpool.

The conference was dedicated to the art and science of zygomatic implant therapy and brought together over 230 delegates from 24 nations to the marvelous Museum of London – an excellent location for such a world-wide academic conference.

The two days were marked by many excellent presentations by some of the top zygomatic implant clinicians in the world as well as a number of interactive panel discussions. Clinicians from different backgrounds, using different implant systems, brought together a body of information, experience and thought about this important area of treatment in managing the severely atrophic and the resected maxilla.

Whilst the conference was geared mainly to addressing indications, treatment planning and surgical techniques, Prof Dale Howes brought an excellent presentation on the challenges of prosthodontic restoration of these very different and often challenging situations. In addition, the audience were treated to an excellent presentation from ENT/Skull base surgeon Mr Sam Leong on the importance of the maxillary sinus, its pathology and when to refer patients for ENT interventions.

Panel discussions on managing the maxillary sinus during placement, the importance (or not) of alveolar bone around the head of the implant, implant design as well as a very insightful discussion session on recognising and managing complications associated with zygomatic implants were well received by the audience.

All in all, the need for such an event clearly struck a chord with clinicians from all over the world, facing the day to day challenges of this difficult patient group.

When asked to sum up the conference, Chris said “It was a landmark event in many ways which really helped to bring the key issues to the table without too much bias towards their system of choice. I believe the key for the future is high-quality multi-centre research projects to allow continuing refinement and improvement of outcomes for patients.”

>>> Read more on our Zygomatic Implant offerings here

International Zygomatic Cadaver Course

After the Zygomatic2019 conference held in London in March, Southern Implants users from Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, USA, India and the UK took part in a post-conference one day zygomatic cadaver course on 5 March.

The course was offered by Mr. Guy McLellan and Prof. Chris Butterworth.

Southern Implants North America had an exciting Academy of Osseointegration Meeting

Southern Implants North America had an exciting Academy of Osseointegration Meeting in Washington, DC, 13-16 March.

SINA offered a pre-meeting hands-on workshop on Craniofacial Rehabilitation led by Dr. Gregory Boyes-Varley and Prof. Dale Howes showing unbelievable trauma cases. They were also main podium speakers awing the audience with their expertise.

All was a buzz around the Southern exhibit from the podium presentation and after Drs. Barry Levin and Nicholas Egbert gave outstanding corporate forum presentations which teased the upcoming availability of the INVERTA™ Implant.

Southern Implants North America Launches INVERTA at the ISPRD Meeting in Boston, MA 6-9 June

Southern’s inaugural attendance at ISPRD was the launchpad for its latest breakthrough innovation, the INVERTA Implant. From the podium and hands-on trials to evening receptions with world-renowned clinicians and industry professionals the meeting was a huge success. Here are the highlights.

PO Östman

Prof. PO Östman introducing the INVERTA Implant

Andrew Ackerman

Dr. Andrew Ackerman – a masterclass in placing the MAX Implant

Stuart Lutton

Dr. Stuart Lutton: The NLT full-arch same day teeth protocols, including ideal alveolectomy

Drs. Frans Smit, Wayne Williams, Prof. Chris Butterworth, Mr. Patrick Briscoe and Mrs. Salome

The winners of the SIUK Five Nations Floating Golf trophy – England
Drs. Frans Smit, Wayne Williams, Prof. Chris Butterworth, Mr. Patrick Briscoe and Mrs. Salome

Treating More Patients. Simply.

UK & Ireland Conference 2019

The focus at the second annual UK and Ireland conference held at Lough Erne, Enniskillen was on what Southern does best: providing innovative treatment solutions to clinicians for optimal results for their patients.

Topics included clinical challenges – all on four treatments, digital solutions offered by Southern Implants, bone grafting considerations –


as well as clinical photography as an adjunct to providing these treatments. As has become the norm, Southern Users were invited to present cases for input or discussion. New on the programme this year was a session on laboratory procedures. Three technicians were invited to discuss their material preferences and restorative challenges. This part of the programme was very well received by delegates.

A great Southern family meeting was had by all, and we’re looking forward to 2020!

Innovation Focus


INVERTA – Exciting New Product Introduced at ISPRD

According to many thought leaders, there are significant anatomic limitations and challenges with immediate implant placement in the maxillary anterior socket. This is primarily due to the anatomic limitation in an apical direction for bone engagement to achieve primary stability.

In line with Southern’s mission of providing innovative treatment solutions for optimal patient outcomes, the company teamed up with Dr. Stephen Chu to design, develop and commercialize an implant that addresses these challenges. The result – the latest breakthrough innovation from Southern Implants – the INVERTA™ Co-Axis® Implant, representing a paradigm shift in aesthetic and biologic thinking surrounding anterior aesthetics.

The INVERTA Implant is a novel implant incorporating an innovative Body-Shift Design allowing for apical bone engagement in immediate implant placement and a coronal chamber for bone growth resulting in natural aesthetics.

The INVERTA Difference:


Body-Shift Design Innovation

The implant has a narrow coronal section and tapers outward to a maximum midway diameter for apical bone engagement in immediate placement and a coronal chamber for bone growth resulting in natural aesthetics.


Popular Co-Axis® Feature

Built-in 12° Subcrestal Angle Correction® without using angled abutments resulting in greater facial soft-tissue volume and ideal screw-retained restorative options.


Coronal Thread

All INVERTA Implants feature a shallow square thread at the coronal aspect designed for blood clot and graft stability and thereafter the ability to effectively transfer load to the bone.


High Strength Titanium

Manufactured from High Strength Grade 4 Pure Titanium (≥900 MPa) providing exceptional fatigue strength.


20-Year History SInergy™ Surface

Decades of clinical research back the un-changed, moderately rough Southern Implants Alumina-blasted surface shown to have consistent results for early osseointegration and longevity.


Apical Thread

Aggressive thread for maximum primary stability in trabecular bone.


Rounded Apex

Mitigates risk of harm to anatomical structures


The Science

Learn about the aesthetic and biologic research and follow-up published studies by >>> clicking on these links. INVERTA 1 | INVERTA 2

Customer Focus

Congratulations to Prof Chris Butterworth

Prof Chris ButterworthCongratulations to Chris Butterworth who was recently appointed as Honorary Professor of Maxillofacial Prosthodontics at University of Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Chris is Consultant Maxillofacial Prosthodontist based between the Regional Maxillofacial Unit at University Hospital Aintree and the Liverpool University Dental Hospital. This decision is a fitting acknowledgement of his hard work and contributions to the field.

Chris has built a reputation for innovative care in the field of oral & facial rehabilitation and is the lead clinician for dental implant treatment at the Liverpool University Dental Hospital. He also leads the prosthetic rehabilitation service in Merseyside for the oral & facial rehabilitation of head and neck cancer patients.

RIP Prof. Sid Seltzer

Prof Sid SeltzerThe Southern Implants family was greatly saddened to hear of the passing of Prof. Sid Setzer (or “Uncle Sid”, as he was known by many). Prof. Seltzer was an icon in the field of paedodontics having co-founded the Paedodontic Society of South Africa in 1980, and taught hundreds of dental students during his tenure at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Congratulations to Dr. Petros Yuvanoglu on his appointment to Adjunct Faculty at the Department of Prosthodontics at Tufts University School Of Dental Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dr. Petros YuvanogluDr. Yuvanoglu received his dental degree summa cum laude from Semmelweis University, Budapest. He was awarded his Certificate in the Dental Specialty of Prosthodontics at Tufts University, Boston. He is in private practice as a Specialist Prosthodontist at Same Day Implants working almost exclusively on prosthodontic rehabilitation with dental implants in both Greece and UAE. He has lectured extensively on the “Same Day Implants & Teeth” reconstruction protocol.

News Focus

Here We Grow Again! Recent Management Appointments

Mr. David Luiz is now Managing Director: Southern Implants North America

Mr. David LuizWe are delighted to announce the appointment of David Luiz as Managing Director of Southern Implants North America (SINA). Davids enormously successful tenure as MD of Southern Implants UK & Ireland over the last 11 years makes him the ideal candidate to drive our North American business forward. We thank David for his contributions to the UK and Ireland business and wish him, Cassandra, Joshua and Julian much continued success as they settle in to life in the USA. David remains a Director of the Board in the UK.


Mr. Steve Snook is now Managing Director: Southern Implants UK & Ireland

Mr Steve SnookWe are delighted to announce the appointment of Steve Snook as Managing Director of Southern Implants UK and Ireland, with effect 1 July 2019.

In his 10th year with SIUK now, Steve has played a significant role in the success and development of the UK and Irish business. He has led from the front in building and developing a sales team that is the envy of the industry and was the natural choice to succeed David Luiz as MD of SIUK.

Graham Blackbeard, Founder and group CEO of Southern Implants said: “Firstly I would like to thank David for the role he has played in growing the UK business to the levels it currently enjoys, and we trust that he will continue this success in the US.

Secondly, we couldn’t have asked for a better person to take over the reins in the UK, and trust that Steve will enjoy much continued success during his tenure as MD of SIUK.”