Learn Proven, Evidence Based Protocols for Predictable Zygomatic Implant Therapy!

Surgical Decision Tree
Hands-on Cadaver Lab and Model Surgery Workshop
3D Digital Treatment Planning
Diagnostic and Clinical Assessment Skills
Surgical Guided and Brain Guided Approaches
Restorative Workflow

Includes Cadaver Lab and Hands-on Model Surgery Workshop

This unique comprehensive lecture discussion, cadaver and hands-on model surgery-based course will cover the use of zygomatic implants for treatment of the severely atrophic maxilla. It will include single zygomatic use, hybrid zygoma and quad zygoma case types.

A prophylactic evidence-based approach to zygomatic implant placement will be featured. Conservative osteotomy preparation with a focus on prosthetically guided implant placement, along with both soft and hard tissue considerations will be discussed.

Ample time will be spent on foundational anatomy, biology, immediate load concepts, diagnosis and treatment planning, along with step-by-step brain guided and digital guided surgical protocols for zygomatic implant installation including the protocol for placement of pterygoid implants. Complications will also be covered in detail.

A complete digital restorative workflow with the use of photogrammetry will be featured along with a dedicated hands-on model surgery-based workshop and a comprehensive cadaver lab session.

Course fee: $7900.00 per person
Venue: Pikos Institute, 8740 Mitchell Blvd, Trinity, FL 34655

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