A supplement to Compendium, September 2018, Volume 35, Issue 3

These are exciting times in which computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques allow the production of more complex designs with tighter tolerances then ever before. Manufacturers can respond quickly to the feedback of users and the market and effect timely changes that previously were not possible.

It was our great fortune to have so many preeminent academics and clinicians on the podium and an audience of international delegates who engaged with enthusiasm. The program spanned fields from every aspect of implant dentistry, and this cross-disciplinary approach allowed practitioners from all arenas to come together and exchange views in a holistic way.

The conference afforded Southern Implants a great opportunity to obtain proactive, real-world feedback from specialists and experts who use the company’s products and to stay agile and innovative. I would like to sincerely thank everyone who contributed to an enriching experience and look forward to welcoming you to beautiful South Africa again in 2020.

Graham Blackbeard
Managing Director
Southern Implants

A supplement to Compendium, September 2018, Volume 35, Issue 3

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